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Cleaning Consultations & Floor Protectors in Redmond, Washington

In addition to top-quality cleaning services, we are proud to offer cleaning consultations and sell floor protectors and mats from our location in Redmond, Washington. At Time Saving Services, Inc., our consultations on cleaning services are available for both residential and commercial customers.

Consulting Services

The consultants on our team are happy to come to your home or business to discuss your cleaning needs, including any special care surfaces. Your cleaning consultation may include, but is not limited to, instruction on safe commercial cleaning products, sale of cleaning products, training of cleaning staff, documentation of established cleaning procedures for your home or office, and MSDS sheets.
Cleaning with Sponge, Cleaning Consultations in Redmond, WA

Training is offered on usable solvents and materials that are beneficial or harmful for cleaning materials. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate and a program for cleaning your home, pool, or commercial property.

Floor Mats & Protectors

Turn to our full-service cleaning company to purchase highly effective floor protectors and mats. Made from real lamb's wool, our floor protectors come in brown or white. Contact us to find out specifics about our floor mat sizes and prices.

Contact us in Redmond, Washington, to request more information about our cleaning consultations.